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Local & Licensed Plumbers in Alamo

Clog Gone specializes in all aspects of residential & commercial plumbing in Alamo and surrounding California areas. We pride ourselves on being a locally owned & family operated company and our number 1 priority is making sure you get fast, friendly and affordable plumbing services anytime. All of our technicians are licensed and experienced to ensure any service or repair needs you have are done correctly, on time, the first time!

We are experts in saving you time & money!
Did you know a dripping faucet can easily waste hundreds of gallons of water per year if left unfixed? It is true, and this does not even include the fast-drip kind!

Or what about the condition of your home’s water heater? If it is a tank-equipped model, as is the case for many houses that were built before the turn of the century; it will probably last 10 years at the most. Many homeowners are unaware of this harsh truth, that is, until the bottom of the tank bursts on account of corrosion, ultimately spilling up to 75 gallons of water all over the floor.

The point the plumbing professionals at Clog Gone want to make is that, why would you want to wait for something bad like this to happen? Let our licensed team take care of the issue before it turns into the nightmare you never want it to be! From drain cleaning and faucet repair to water heater installation and everything in-between you can count on us and our dedicated team to help save you both time, money and frustrating plumbing problems from occurring in the first place.

Guaranteed Plumbing Service & Repairs!

How would you feel if we were to tell you that in addition to receiving stellar plumbing services from our company, we will also back our commitment to quality with a non-negotiable 24-month guarantee?

This comes standard for customers who request our 24/7 emergency services, which by the way we stand by 100%. The deal is even better for home and business owners in need of standard sewer line cleaning and drain repair work.

Thanks to our 26-month guarantee, any potential plumbing damages or setbacks that occur will be wholly covered by Clog Gone. How is that for quality assurance?!

The services that Clog Gone offers:
• Residential drain and sewer line cleaning and repair, tankless water heater installation, complete system diagnostics and maintenance implementation.

• Commercial service, repair, and installation on all types of equipment. Our technicians are required to undergo substantial training and certification before being allowed to work on commercial projects.

• Grey water treatment – reduces the volume of potable water your household or business’ office uses, as well as the amount of sewage it produces. This alone can significantly cut back on monthly usage and expenses.

Cheap rates are only part of the equation when it comes to hiring an Alamo plumbing contractor. We are a firm believer of the age-old adage “you get what you pay for,” and thus understand the long-term benefits our customers gain when using our services. This has been the case for 15 years! If you are experiencing any type of plumbing related problems don’t wait until the problem becomes a disaster. Call your locally owned & family operated plumbing company today for fast, friendly and affordable service 24/7!