Your Walnut Creek home has several drains and all of them can develop clogs. When these stubborn and messy plumbing malfunctions occur, they bring with them significant amounts of used water that is filled with potentially harmful bacteria. Imagine preparing brunch for several of your family members and suddenly your kitchen sink starts to fill with cloudy and smelly water – gross!

The homeowners in Walnut Creek can rely on the Clog Gone team for a wide variety of drain cleaning services. These include:

shower headMaintenance Inspections: The best way to prevent drain clogs from forming in the first place is to have regular maintenance inspections of your drain system. It is recommended to have these inspections annually, to ensure that potential clog-forming materials and other malfunctions can be addressed and repaired before they escalate into a plumbing emergency. Annual maintenance inspections are an easy and effective way to avoid costly plumbing repairs and disruptive clogs or drain obstructions.

Drain System Cleaning: The highly-skilled and trained professionals at Clog Gone have the experience to run various pieces of specialized equipment that are made to cut through drain obstructions like tree roots and clogs. From the smallest kitchen pipes to the largest sewer pipes, our licensed drain cleaning team has the training to run cleaning equipment efficiently and with precision to ensure that whatever is causing your drain clog is cleared and does not reoccur.

HydroJetting: While a relatively new technology, HydroJetting is quickly becoming well-known for being the most effective and efficient method for breaking down the residue and build-up that forms and adheres to the inside of your drain pipes over time. Whether it be hair, grease, food particles, beauty products, or shampoo the residue that develops can harden and solidify into a stubborn plaster that is not easily removed. However, with HydroJetting technology 3500 psi of water are spray through each pipe, which quickly breaks up the residue and rinses it out to the septic or sewer system.

Video Camera Inspection: Sometimes the location or cause of a clog is not apparent, which is the time that our experts employ the use of video camera inspection technology to gather real-time video imaging of the condition of your pipes and the location of the clog. Also, we use this equipment after we have completed the chosen drain cleaning method to ensure that the cause of the clog has in fact been removed and that all clog-causing materials are gone.

No matter the cause or location of your clog, you can rest assured that when you contact the experts at Clog Gone we can help. We will dispatch a professional and courteous member of our team quickly who will come to your location with the proper tools and training to get the job done right the first time. We are dedicated to providing our customers with service that exceeds their expectations and we will make sure that we fully understand your needs and thoroughly address them.

If your experiencing any drain related issues, call Clog Gone. We specialize in residential & commercial plumbing systems in Walnut Creek and surrounding CA areas. Whether your drains are backed up or you have a full blown drain clog the licensed & experienced technicians at Clog Gone can help ASAP! Got Clog. Call us today!