sewer pipesThe part of your  Walnut Creeks home’s plumbing system that is responsible for carrying the used water out to the sewer or septic system is called the sewer system. This configuration of pipes and fixtures is actually buried under the ground, so you probably don’t think much about it – until there is a problem. Whether your sewer system is clogged, leaking, or experiencing another malfunction you need help from a reliable and highly-skilled professional plumber.

Because of the nature of the material that your sewer system manages, you never want to try and ‘do-it-yourself’, it is always highly recommended that you contact a professional for help with sewer problems. At Clog Gone our team of trained and courteous plumbers have years of experience and training repairing, installing, inspecting and cleaning sewer systems. We are familiar with all Walnut Creek city requirements and regulations and will make sure that your job is done in accordance.

Some of the sewer line problems that we can help with include:

Damaged or broken pipes: Your sewer pipes contain water and nutrients that are very appealing to surrounding trees. These trees are built to do what it takes to survive and therefor the roots of these trees will grow towards sources of water and nutrients. Unfortunately, the effect is tree roots growing inside of your sewer pipes, and with the endless supply of water and food these roots will quickly grow beyond the capacity of your sewer pipes and eventually crack them open. What this means for you is a flood of sewage materials in your yard and surrounding your home.

Clogs and blockages: There are many things that can cause clogs or blockages in your sewer system. Everything from too much toilet paper or flushing paper products that are not meant to be flushed, to foreign objects such as debris, leaves, and the occasional child’s toy. Clogs and blockages in your sewer system will usually reveal themselves as malfunctions with your plumbing fixtures. For instance, it is impossible for the toilets in your home to work properly if there is a sewer clog. If you notice that all of your toilets are not flushing or working properly, this is likely being caused by a clog in your sewer system.

Pipe corrosion: Over time the inside of sewer pipes will begin to corrode due to the constant exposure to wastewater and waste materials. The danger here is, if left unchecked, this corrosion will eventually erode holes in the pipes causing sewage leaks, and allowing an entry point for foreign objects to enter the sewage system. For many decades sewer pipes were made from either cast iron or clay, newer construction uses plastic sewer pipes. Cast iron and clay will last for many years, up to 50 in fact, however, will need to be replaced eventually due to corrosion.

Whether you are dealing with a current sewer line repair issue, need a sewer line replacement or installation, or you would like inspection and/or cleaning services for your sewer system, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Clog Gone. Our professional & licensed Walnut Creek technicians have years of experience working with a wide variety of sewer line materials and issues. We have the skills and the training to triage symptoms, identify issues, and provide superior repairs that will keep your sewer system in top working order for year to come!