tankless water heater repairYour water heater is probably the only appliance in your home that you use every day, and never think about replacing or repairing. However, most water heaters must be replaced every ten years and it is highly recommended that they receive maintenance inspections on an annual basis. As the years have past and techno;pogy continues to change more and more Walnut Creek residents have been upgrading to the newer tankless technology.

Thankfully, homeowners throughout the Walnut Creek area can count on the expert plumbers at Clog Gone for all of their water heating needs. Whether your water heater needs to be replaced, repaired, or inspected, our team of highly-trained and professional plumbers have the experience and training to address your concerns and answer any questions.

Nowadays, there are many considerations to keep in mind. If you existing storage tank water heater is more than five years old and needs extensive repairs, you might want to think about replacing it with a more energy efficient option. Or, if you would like to see a smaller power bill each month, you might want to look into a tankless water heater. In any case, the team at Clog Gone has the experience and the training to help!

Some aspects to think about when researching water heaters include:

Function: The first aspect to consider is whether you want a water heater that stores water and heats it around the clock, or you want a water heater that heats water as you need it. This is the difference between a traditional storage water heater and a tankless water heater. A storage water heater works by keeping its storage tank filled to capacity with water and keeping that water heated to the designated temperature 24/7. Whereas, a tankless water heater has sensors that tells the computer system when to heat the fixtures that the water passes through. These systems can heat several gallons of water per minute on an as needed basis and then will ‘go to sleep’ when hot water is not needed.

Storage Capacity: This is an important consideration because if you purchase a water heater that is too small to support the number of people in your household, your new system will need to work much harder to keep up and will ultimately have a shorter lifespan. Capacity is not an area to try and cut costs. To determine the water heater capacity that is best for your home, you will need to factor in the number of bathrooms and the number of people in your household. For instance, a household size of two or less with one bathroom would be well supported by a water heater that holds 30 gallons or less. If you are considering a tankless water heater, you’ll need to instead determine the flow rate, or how much hot water you will need at one time. Each fixture in your home is assigned a “typical” flow rate, this helps us determine which tankless water heating system you will need based on the number of fixtures your home has and their assigned flow rates.

Whether you are in the market for a brand new water heater and would like more information about your options, or your existing water heater needs maintenance or repair the exceptional team of professional plumbers at Clog Gone have the skill to help. From residential water heater repairs and replacement services to commercial water heater installation services, we have a broad range of experience and training with all types of water heaters including traditional storage systems as well as tankless. Contact our office today to discuss your water heating needs and how we can help!