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With so many plumbers in Brentwood and surrounding CA areas it may seem a bit confusing on which company fits with your needs the best. Should you choose a company based on price? How about service and quality of the service provided? Is experience important or can you call any plumber and get the same results? Does a license really matter? These are questions most home and business owners think about before making the call to a plumbing company. Granted it may be a slight thought, but we have all had them run through our head, at least one of them. The truth is choosing a plumbing company based on any one thing can leave you overlooking some important aspects, but a license and experience should never be overlooked. Both of these protect you from inexperience and the problems that inexperience can bring.

At Clog Gone we have been your locally owned & family operated plumbing company for over 15 years. We are dedicated to fixing your plumbing problems fast, professionally and at an affordable rate. Your satisfaction is our number one priority and it shows from the moment we answer you service call. We like to believe we have all the traits you would look for in a great plumbing company. We understand needing any type of service needed can be stressful, so we try to take as much stress as possible out of your repair by being on time and doing the job right, the first time at an affordable rate!

Believe us; we know no homeowner enjoys spending money on common household repairs. Like death and taxes, however, this is just a fact of life! Every pipe breaks at some point, and every drain will become clogged sooner or later.

The important thing worth taking note of is how you are going to respond when something like this does happen. Will you stand idly by, allowing the issue to become gradually worse, until one day the critical stage is reached (everyone knows what this means)?

Or, are you going to call up a trusted local contractor for assistance? If there is one thing that leaks, clogs, and other common plumbing calamities have in common, it is that they are almost always reflective of greater problems, problems that just so happen to typically cost an arm and a leg to repair!

Since we know you are probably not interested in going down this road, the service and installation specialists at Clog Gone want to personally invite you to speak with one of our licensed, expert technicians today for a fast analysis of your ailing system.

A little bit more about us
Founded at the turn of the millennium, our business has been serving and continues to provide unparalleled plumbing work to Brentwood and its surrounding suburbs for 15 years. With the growth of this region has come an increased demand for the services that Clog Gone has to offer, which includes but is certainly not limited to:

Installation and service for all types of water heaters
Trenchless sewer line repair and replacement
Comprehensive plumbing system assessments and recommended, routine maintenance programs
Eco-friendly, water-conservation technology installation
24/7 emergency plumbing backed by a solid, 24-month guarantee

While our residential and commercial customers have differing needs, the one thing that never changes is our unwavering commitment to superior customer satisfaction. We will do our best to leave you with a smile on your face as the job is complete, not to mention give you and your family the confidence that you are dealing with a licensed professional!

Finding a contractor that provides both excellent quality and affordability is not always easy, but we strive to be a company that prides itself on both! Clog Gone is happy to serve the community of Brentwood, and we surely look forward to making you our next, satisfied client!