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Do you live in or near Moraga? If so, Clog Gone wants to be your plumber of choice. There are multiple contractors that offer similar services in the area, but we encourage you to think for a moment about the long-term benefits of choosing a business that has not only been around for over 15 years, but which is dedicated to its local communities. Our company is far more interested in creating mutually beneficial relationships with residential and commercial customers such as yourself, ones that hinge on long-term commitment as opposed to a “one and done” style of approach. We believe too many contractors in our industry focus solely on moving from one project to the next. Even for those who have the required experience and technical expertise, this hardly allows for the commitment to customer satisfaction that the team at Clog Gone prefers to harness.

We specialize in both residential & commercial plumbing. Our clientele includes:

  • Homeowners
  • Bars and nightclubs
  • Public + municipal buildings
  • Medical facilities
  • Schools
  • Restaurants

There is a big difference between hiring the right and wrong plumber
With so many plumbing companies in Moraga and surrounding communities it may feel like it is hard to find the plumbing company that is the perfect fit between professionalism and affordability. As with anything else there are right fits and wrong fits when choosing your plumber. While a lot of consumers look for the cheapest route, the age old saying “the cheapest isn’t always the best” comes to mind. Sure it may seem to be a low cost now but what happens when the repair needs to be done over and over again because it wasn’t done right the first time? What is the “cheap plumber” isn’t licensed & insured? What if they are cheap because they truly don’t have experience? As you see their are a lot of scenarios that can play out. The best thing to do is make sure the company you choose for any plumbing repair or service need is first and foremost licensed & experienced. While experience may seem more costly, in the long run it is the most affordable option!

At Clog Gone not only are all of our plumbers licensed & insured but our whole team is dedicated to your satisfaction. Some of the services we offer in Moraga include:

• Residential and commercial drain and sewage line cleaning/repair
• Hydro-Jetting (utilizing up to 3,500 PSI, no blockage is safe)
• Thorough, comprehensive drain system cleaning
• 24-hour, 7-day a week emergency plumbing
• Real estate inspections
• Tankless water heater repair and installation
• Water backflow prevention services

Contact one of Clog Gone’s customer service representatives today for a free quote. We are excited to speak with you!

Clog Gone is Moraga’s premiere residential and commercial plumbing professional. Along with being in business for over a decade, our crew has many more years of combined experience and expertise!
• Your next door neighbor plumber
• 15 years of unmatched experience
• Residential and commercial service
• A one-stop plumbing repair shop
• 24/7 service
•You pay per job, not by the hour

Whether you have a residential or commercial property that has plumbing repairs you can count on the local, licensed & professional team at Clog Gone. Call today for fast & affordable service from some of the most experienced plumbers in Moraga.