water treatment serviceYour home discharges two classifications of used water – grey water and black water. While black water comes from dishwashers, kitchen sinks, and toilets and can contain solid waste materials, grey water comes from showers and bathtubs, bathroom or laundry room sinks, and washing machines.

Typically, the grey water is carried away from your home and to a sewer treatment or septic system, where it is processed and treated and then released into the environment as harmless. However, at Clog Gone we advocate to have this water treated on-site at your home through a grey water treatment system and then using the treated grey water for irrigating plants and lawn.

As licensed Green plumbers and CWEA certified, it is important to our team to provide our clients with options and techniques that are water-conserving and energy efficient.

These measures also help you to save money on your monthly water bill, and in Walnut Creek we know better than some how important that is.

Some of the benefits of grey water treatment for Walnut Creek residents include:

Reducing the amount of potable water that your household uses. Potable water is water that is safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing and depending on where your home’s potable water is sourced from, it can in limited supply. Water shortages are always a very real concern, so much so that some homeowners opt to have landscaping that eliminates the need for watering a lawn or foliage. However, with re-using grey water you can still have that lush yard that you want, and still save water.

Reducing the amount of sewage that your household produces. When grey water is carried from your home to the water treatment facility it is processed and treated and then released into the local rivers, lakes, and streams. When you treat your home’s grey water on-site and use it for irrigation you are eliminating that amount of water and sewage from being discharged into the environment.

Reducing your monthly water bill. Instead of using additional potable water each month and being charged for it, you can re-use the water you’ve already paid for and not be charged anything additional. This allows you to still have a beautiful lawn, garden, and landscaping without having it cost you more every month.

You can maintain a garden, even during a drought. For some people the idea of having a garden might be discouraging because of the fact that drought periods leave you unable to water your garden and then all of the time, money, and effort you have put out are wasted. However, with grey water treatment you will always have a steady supply of irrigation water for your garden.

Conserving water is an important topic throughout Walnut Creek and surrounding areas and something that all homeowners are mindful of year around. As certified Green plumbers the team at Clog Gone are proud to be able to provide our customers with information and options when it comes to making their plumbing more energy-efficient. Whether you would like to discuss which low-flow or water-conserving fixtures are best, how a re-circulating pump can help to reduce your monthly water bill, or what the process of installing a grey water treatment system involves, our team can help!