Winter Plumbing Maintenance Tips For Your Home!

36235050_sThe main sewer line for your home is attached to all of the drains in your plumbing system. That means that when you flush the toilet and when you rinse an apple all of the waste and used water from those two areas of your home go to the same location … the main sewer line.

As you can imagine, a problem with the main sewer line will definitely make an impact on your day.

Keeping your plumbing system in good shape is important all year around but, during the winter months it’s especially important.

The weather during the winter months can be especially damaging to your plumbing system and if there is even the smallest bit of trouble – things could escalate quickly.

Make sure that you are keeping your eyes opened for signs of trouble with your main sewer line. These few signs are especially worrisome and should be addressed by a professional plumber right away:

Having trees planted on your property is a great way to ensure that you have shade in the summer months and enough fresh air all year around. However, tree roots are the number one cause of main sewer line damage and can easily lead to problems for your plumbing system. Make sure to have your sewer line video camera inspected on an annual basis to keep an eye on the growth of those tree root systems.

If you notice that your toilets are not flushing properly or if more than one toilet in the house seems to be having problems at the same time, it is like a bigger problem with your main sewer line. Have these symptoms checked out right away.

Your main sewer line is the place where all of the waste and used water from your home gets directed to. So, if more than one of your plumbing fixtures is gurgling or backing up with used water and waste – make sure to call a professional plumber right away and have the problem investigated.

Your plumbing system is an integral part of the productivity of your home. During the winter months when you and your family are staying indoors to keep warm or you have hosting friends and family – it is especially important that your plumbing system be in top working condition.


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